Is the ugly Christmas sweater actually cute now??

In the 80s and 90s the ugly Christmas sweater was something only your cooky older realtives wore. You could expect it to make its appearance on Grandma, her still living at home adult son Uncle Hank and of course Great Aunt Ester. Then in the early 2000s, with the mockery and irony of the youth culture, came the ironic wearing of the ugly Christmas sweater. It was so uncool it was cool or funny or something. As we all know, anytime a trend is cool and funny and or something, of course it will be made into a party theme. Henceforth, the Ugly Christmas Sweather parties and themed bar nights began. Fastforward almost 20 years, have ugly Christmas sweaters just become part of the holiday? Are we still ironically wearing them? Is it a trend? or have they somehow become cute??? 


When you are holiday shopping don't forget to buy your ugly (or cute) Christmas sweater not just to wear on National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, December 21, but every day leading up. 


If you're looking for the cutest of the uglies or the ugliest of the cuties here are a few ideas.


1. Flamingo Christmas 

When you want to keep your style lawn ornament Florida Style

Women's Ugly Christmas Flamingo Tree Graphic Pullover Sweater - Black - image 1 of 3

Get it here  Target


2. Reindeer Christmas Sweater

When you are looking for a little holiday action. 


Get it here uglychristmassweater.com


3. Seinfeld Festivus Sweater

When you want to celebrate but your more Festivus than the rest of us.

4. Ugly Christmas suit
When your a boss and a sweater just isn't enough.
 Get it here shinesty.com
5. Christmas tree Sweater
When you want to keep it classic.
Joyland Womens Christmas Tree Sweater
 Get it here belk.com
6. Christmas present sweater
When you want everyone to know who the real prize is.
Joyland Womens Buffalo Plaid Bow Sweater
 Get it here belk.com
7. Schitt's Creek christmas sweater
When you think the holiday is the schitt but wearing ugly christmas sweater is just schitt.
Moira Rose Bebe Its Cold Outside Christmas Shirt Bebe image 1
8. Another Schitt's Creek Sweater
When your list was only supposed to be five but you did thrice too many
it's bonus Schitt.
Thrice Sweatshirt Best Wishes Unisex Christmas Ugly image 1
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